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Car Driving 3D Simulator Full

1.44 usd

Full version of 3D Driving Simulator - Real Car Physics - No AdsAll Advertisements have been removed resulting in increased game performance. Drive any one of 4 vehicles 4x4 Truck, Bus, Rear wheel drive truck with load and a four wheel drive sports car.
Test drive the vehicles around a 3D city, Off road test track or car park with ramps and car jumps
All cars and buses have simulated real world physics including real time damage to bodywork, tyre skid marks on road surface, simulated wheel spin and tyre smoke, damage to car bodywork can cause poor steering or reduce the driving performance of the vehicle.
All cars and buses have variable in game settings including :-
TC - Traction ControlABS - Anti-Lock Braking SystemESP - Electronic Stability Program
Pick-Up Trucks have the option to switch from four wheel drive to rear wheel drive
4x4 - Four Wheel driveRear - Rear Wheel Drive
Recent Game Updates Include* Nitro pick-ups* More ramps* New garage for repairing damaged cars and buses* Button to flip upturned vehicles